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Default Office 365 Upgrade

Just having spent 2 hrs 50 mins on the phone to Microsoft being passed from one department to another and being no nearer an answer, I was hoping I might get an answer on the forums:
I subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium but I need to have the option of Power Pivot which is available in Office 365 ProPlus. My question was a simple one: How do I upgrade from one to the other.
I have been told I can by one department, then I can't from another department, then it is possible but have to put you through to....
All I want to do is pay the extra to have that Power Pivot facility.
Can anyone tell me whether it is or isn't possible? And, if it is, then how on earth I go about it?
I would be extremely grateful

* Sorry, after such a long haul on the phone I typed 360 instead of 365 in the header!!
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