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Default Read-Only and Not Opening on Macs

Hello there

I sell an editable product that is a MS-Word document.

Sometimes I have customers open it and say that its in READ-ONLY mode.

I cannot find much help on how to deal with it.

I have MS word 2007 and Vista.

When I saved the fiels, I saved them as word 97-2003 documents, to ensure compatibility for people with earlier browsers.

However, sometimes people say they are Read-Only and get mad at me.

Does anyone know the problem?

Also, sometimes people click the download link and nothing happens. This may be for Mac users. Is there a way anyone could help me write up a description of how to open my product on a mac?

Anyones help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.


ALSO, what is the most GENERAL way I can save a word file so its the most accessible to the broadest range of people? Also, are there any programs that allow someone to open and edit a word doc, without losing or skewing the format? I know openoffice is one option, but any others?
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