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Default Opening Excel workbook online and saving it online

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding opening an online excel workbook, editing it and then saving it on the same location as I've opened it.

As for background, at our company we have an excel workbook on which we store machine parameters. This excel workbook is stored on an online location and can be opened through a hyperlink that is on a webpage I have created. So far so good.

Now when the excel file is opened, it is automatically copied and stored on a local location (on the HD's document folder of whoever opened it). So whenever changes have been made and the file is saved, the changes will have been done on the local excel copy and the original file stays as it was. This is not what we want.

We would like to be able to open the online Excel workbook through the webpage and edit the original online excel workbook . So whenever editing is done, the changes wil be stored in this online excel workbook .

I have googled but have not found any solution and not really anyone who has experienced the same problem.

As a side note, whenever you open the excel workbook by doubleclicking on it, so not through the webpage, we can make the changes and save them to the original excel workbook.

I hope someone here can be of help.

Thank you,

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