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Default Office 2010 for 38.95 for students with Tech Guarantee

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the Ultimate Steal whilst on placement with Microsoft. The deal is that you can buy 2007 Office ultimater for 38.95 (90% discount off RRP). Whilst I know this deal is old as 2010 comes out in a few months, and nobody wants to buy 2007 when 2010 is just around the corner, however if you buy 2007 now, you get a free tech guarantee that allows you to upgrade for free when 2010 comes out. Win Win situation.

Office 2010 will be available of the Ultimate steal, but will be more expensive this year. So know is the last chance you get to get Office VERY cheap.

This deal is only open to Uni Students/Lecutrers etc as you need a email address.

However if a mate lets you borrow there account its worth buying .

Just go to this link and download it:

I've bought mine, now go buy yours and see the wonders of extremely cheap 2010 Office ultimate You would be mad not too.

Cheers guys.
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