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Default Copy Multiple Rows to new workbook when multiple criteria is met.

I have a huge workbook called “Master Tool List” (MTL) that has 10,000 rows of data in each sheet called ‘Training’ and ‘Production’. I need to extract the row data to a new workbook when criteria is met.

I have another worksheet called “Criteria List” (CL) with column ‘B’ having 1000+ rows of unique codes which are grouped by column ‘A’. These codes are in both sheets of the MTL workbook
I need to lookup each of these unique codes from each cell and extract the row data from MTL into a new workbook. Data to be copied to the next available blank row.

(i.e When data for the first code is found, it could be 1 row or 10 rows+, the second code data should be copied to the next blank row. Sometime a code is not found, would like that code to be shaded)

At the moment I am extracting the data by filter > copy > paste, group by group and save the workbook. I did this whole day today and found it tedious, repeating the key strokes over and over.

Is it possible for someone to put together a simple Macro. This will be of great help and will be appreciated.

Note: I have posted the same on 'Mr Excel' yesterday, No replies.
Thank you
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