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Originally Posted by gebobs View Post
Filter by Owner/Position, copy, paste values.

Thanks for responding gebobs.
What i am trying to do is have the rows transferred to sheet 2 if conditions are met in sheet 1

I have come up with a formula just recently i think that should work, but it isn't, maybe you could enlighten me on this formula.
I am new to this type action, so bare with me if you would.

Heres the formula i have put in sheet 2 A4
=IFERROR(INDEX(First,SMALL(IF((Owner="rog")*(Roste r="MLB")*(RIGHT(Pos,1)<>"P"),ROW(First)-MIN(ROW(First))+1),ROW(1:1))),"")

EDIT: By the way i forgot to mention when this sheet is all done their will be 14 team pages to copy and paste the rows to, i am just trying to get the formula correct before i start adding the 14 extra sheets, with about 100 rows to each sheet, so maybe you can see why i would rather use a formula to do this instead of the copy and paste action.

Thanks for your time.
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