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Default Office 2007 removal and re-installation of previous version

I have a user who wanted Office 2007 installed and after installing it, she did not like it and wanted to go back to her old version. I uninstalled 2007 and re-installed Office 2000. everything "seemed" to work until she clicked on an email address in a Word document. the address was properly highlighted in blue as a hyperlink, but when she clicked it a message appeared saying the default email program was not installed properly. It then passed the to Internet Explorer which, of course, could not display the web page. I tried looking into IE to the default programs and Microsoft Outlook is displayed as the default email program. I subsequently unistalled Office 2000 and reinstalled it and get the same problems and symptoms. I suspect that entries from Office 2007 still remain in the registry, but I can't be certain. She is running on Windows XP Professional.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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