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Default Image blurry when inserting 72dpi JPEGS

Hello there. I have two logos I was importing into Word for comparison, and I noticed an issue. First of all, both images are 72 dpi and are jpegs. The only difference is that one is 1000 px wide, and the other is 300 pixels (comes to around 4in in length).

The 1000 px inserts fine and crisp, however when I insert the smaller 300 px logo, it is very blurry. I'd assume the issue lies in size, as that is the only difference this one has to the other file. I am not sure why though, as when checking the image size in Photoshop, 300 px at 72 dpi makes it about 4 inches wide - and when inserted into the Word document, matching the 4 inch width, I'd assume it shouldn't be downgraded in quality.

Anyway, what gives?
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