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Originally Posted by JulieS View Post
Add the Actual Overtime work field to the timescaled portion of the Task Usage view. Right click in the timescaled portion, select Detail Styles from the shortcut menu, select Actual Overtime Work from the list. I would also show the Actual Work field.

Regarding your second question - did the work (16 hours) get done by one resource or was it only 8 hours of work? For the resource who did not work on the task, set the remaining work to zero. I would use the Task Form in the lower pane formatted to show Work.
Hi Julie,

Thanks for your response.

For question no 1, I tried your advice, but I cannot modify the Actual Overtime field (shown in the print-screen in the attachment). I am trying to show for the task named Sub-task, in which the baseline is 2 persons (8 hours/person) with no planned overtime, the task can be completed with only 1 person but he required 12 hours, which will mean 4 hours overtime. I think this is a common issue in any project e.g. not enough time to complete a mission critical task, therefore need to take a few hours overtime to complete it.
Any help?

For question no 2, it works (as shown in the print-screen). Thanks a lot!!
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