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Default Resource Assignment Summary Line Not Adding Up Correctly

Hi everyone!

I have trawled through numerous sources but am yet to find a resolution to the following issue, I hope someone can help! :-)

I'm currently using MS Project 2010 (SP2) along with PWA/Project Server 2010 and I'm having some issue with the assignment summary line for in the resource usage view not adding up hours correctly.

I have a resource that is working on multiple projects that are stored in project server.

When I first open up server I ensure the "Load assignments" tick box is checked.

I open up one of the project schedules and navigate to the resource usage view. It's showing some confusing figures at the summary line that sometimes doesn't add up the hours under the "Other Projects and Commitments" section.

I have reviewed the tasks in all the project schedules that the resource has been assigned work and they are all set to "auto schedule" and are a combination of manual and flat based work contoured assignments.

When I have all schedules from project server open (checked out and not read only) the summary line that adds up resource work hours changes to the correct figure.

Is this a bug in MS project or is there a setting that I am missing?

Happy to send a couple of example screen shots to anyone who is willing to help me.

Thanks in advance!

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