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Unhappy "Illegal Media Size"

I'm in the beta version of Word 2010 and cannot get a page to print properly in the paper size "statements" (5.5" by 8.5"). I had been in Word 2003 and all worked well. The page appears to be properly formatted in the backstage view but when it prints it aligns 1.5 inches off center, to the left, and therefore does not fully print on the "statement" size page. Accompanying the misaligned page is a message

PCL XL error

Warning: IllegalMediaSize

Is this a printer driver issue (HP Color Laserjet 2840 All-in-one)? I'll try to download a new printer driver but don't have a lot of hope it will fix the problem yet. Any other suggestions??

PS I checked the printer driver downloads and I have the latest already installed. Also this is the same printer I've been using for 2 to 3 years with no problems with my prior computer.

PPS I have now sent to another network computer via email the unprintable "statement" size pages which were then printed without any problem on the same network printer which told me I had an illegal media size. Some pages had been reformatted to be compatible with Office/Word 2010 but some had not. Both types printed fine. If there is anybody out there who can contact the printer driver people or someone who has done a bad thing here please pass this on.

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