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Originally Posted by macropod View Post
Please don't shoot the messenger - I'm merely telling you what your options are. It's up to you to choose what course you take.

You can both link the content and update it from Word. To link, choose Paste Special with the link option and the link format of your choice. To edit, simply right-click on the linked data, then choose Linked Worksheet Object> Edit (or Open) to open the workbook for editing.

It's not clear what your issue is with 'Convert to Range'. If you want the Sub-Total, Tax & Grand Total cells shaded, simply copy & paste the formats from the rows above to just those cells, or include those entire rows in the table beforehand.
really sorry, i meant no offence. just wanted to see if there are other ways we could go about this problem.

the issue with 'convert to range' is that i cannot highlight the extra portion (where the subtotal part is) and simply apply the formatting. in this case, i would need an additional step to copy/paste the formatting from table to the portion below..

appreciate your help, thanks.
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