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Originally Posted by macropod View Post
If you want to have multiple 'table' formats that are independent of each other, you basically have two options - use a:
1. separate worksheet for each table; or
not the most ideal option if they are highly relevant to one another

2. single worksheet, with each table diagonally offset from the others.
it would look like a poorly formatted sheet in others' opinion..

of course, if your data are suitably arranged for output to Word and you're amenable to that, a Word document can have tables with multiple-width columns and multiple-height rows, including support for merged & split cells. And, of course, Word tables simply appear sequentially in a document and you can use Tables of Contents, etc, for navigation between them.
which brings me to another question - is it possible to have a dynamic link between Excel & Word? for example, when we put an Excel file within powerpoint, the excel file can be edited directly and source file is updated accordingly. there doesn't seem to be a similar function in Word.


back to Q1, i notice the solution "convert to range" doesn't work if I have a few extra lines at the bottom to be formatted in the same style. is there a solution that can be used for the example below too?

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