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Default MS Mobile - Outlook sync..

I want to upgrade my (non-smart) mobile phone to one that runs the latest version of MS mobile (version 6.5?), e.g. HTC HD2 or Toshiba TG01 etc.. I am unfamiliar with MS mobile software but read that it will synchronise Outlook files between a PC and the mobile, such as Contacts, Calender etc.. On my pc I run MS Office 2007 and use Outlook for e-mail, contacts, calender etc., but in addition to the Contacts database in Outlook, I have created several other folders alongside the Contacts folder in which I have put information on Business contacts, Contractors, Tradesmen, Internet sites etc.. What I want to know is, if I synchronise the mobile version of Outlook with the PC version, will it synchronise ALL data files and folders in Outlook, or will it just synchronise the Contacts folder, Calender etc..
Info appreciated.

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