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Question Editable text before numbered list


I'm a teacher from the Netherlands and use MS Word for making my tests.
I've defined a style for test questions that includes a numbered list.
My problem is that I want to "prefix" the numbered list with the amount of points for each question. So it's not a fixed prefix, it needs to be editable. I know how to add a fixed prefix in a numbered list.

The way I've solved it so far is by creating a text box with a fixed position before the start of the line. I hope I express myself correctly and that you understand what I mean. In this text box I put the amount of point for the question.
So each time I create a new question I have to give the style I created and additionally insert the text box. But there must be an easier way!

How do I have to define my style so I get a piece of editable text before my numbered list?

Hope to get help on this soon.
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