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Default Updating Document Properties without using advanced properties dialogue

I'm trying to do some automation of a document and embed information into the template I'm developing.

I need to be able to have a quick and easy way for a user to choose a document property and assign it without having to go through advanced properties and modifying them. I'm amenable to a pop-up, a user-form, whatever it takes!

Ideally, I'd like a way for the user to choose a location/document property when they create a new document from this document template I'm creating. It really only needs to be chosen upon the creation of the document and likely won't be changed afterwards.

Current approach
I am using a custom document property called "Field_Office" to automate certain things, such as the field office location content control values (such as address, city, state, etc.), the banner image of the document (which includes address information and may allow for updated graphics in the future), etc.

I've gotten that part working, but assigning the Field_office property is not an intuitive thing, and I'm afraid users simply won't go through the steps necessary to reassign that particular property.

Alternatively, I've been trying to figure out a way to maybe link/assign the document property from a drop-down content control such as this XML:

<location>Los Angeles</location>
I suck at VB
My attempts at linking this easy user interface have failed and I'm not adept enough in Visual Basic to follow anything that is going on in all the forum channels I've read (and I've been reading for about 10 hours now...).

I've done research and training on VB and the most basic document properties and object properties I can't even seem to declare successfully. I do understand programming, but the complexities of Word's objects are a lot to take on all at once. That said, if I could just get past declaring the bloody variable, I would be on a better course of action!

I have tried following directions to a T, but I can't even figure out how to create a bookmark... and I considered myself pretty good at Word before encountering this issue!!

Might anyone be able to help? I included an example, stripped of my failed attempts at macros.
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