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Your second question is easier, officeboy. I'm assuming you have a list of all names in a main worksheet—let's call it "Index"—because if you don't you're up the proverbial creek. But assuming you have a master list, one solution is in the sample I'm uploaded. There are other ways to format the results, and probably other ways to generate them (Pecoflyer is especially adept with alternatives that I'm not yet used to), but this is one way.

By the way, in creating that sample I had to generate some random names. I was going to pull them off any random database—IMDb, perhaps—but ran across this site instead, which generated random names for me just by asking. Very cool, and I plan to bookmark it for repeat visits.

Now back to your first question, which I left for later because I don't understand it. If you have one column, you can certainly "split" it (in a sense) by creating one next to it. And certainly the two columns could have different widths. But they wouldn't be upper/lower columns; one would be to the left and the other to the right. I figure I must have misunderstood the question.
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