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Default Prompt a macro to run when opening a specific file type

Hello I am attempting to create a macro and add it to the normal.dotm so when I open any file that contains "contract" in the name and is an RTF file type it will prompt to run a macro and automatically find and replace specific text.

I have created the macro that finds and replaces the text. However i cannot get the file to prompt automatically upon opening. I also think i don't have the proper syntax to only run the file if it is an RTF file which contains the name contract.

I have tried changing Document_Open() to AutoOpen, AutoExec but it still does not work. I enabled all macros in security settings as well. I am still relatively new to writing macros.

Any help would be appreciated.

Private Sub Document_Open()
Call foodandbeveragemacro 
End Sub 
Sub foodandbeveragemacro() 
If Not Activedocument.Name "*contract*.rtf" Then Exit Sub 
Dim run As Variant 
run = MsgBox("Do you wish to remove gratuity detail from F&B clause. Canadian Properties only.", vbYesNo, "Canadian F&B Clause Change") 
If run = vbYes Then 
"remaining code left out as it runs fine"
Thanks for any help.

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