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Default How to link to previous slides in PPoint?


I've got a little trouble with Power Point I hope You can help me to fix.

I've got a presentation made of about 1000 slides and built like a user's manual. Each slide has inside some links to surf the presentation as a website so a user can jump for example from slide 1 to 10 and then to 120 and so on, according to his preference and needs.

I could set a navigation bar using some action buttons and the most common links like "homepage", "previous slide", "next slide", and so on.

I could even set a button pointing to the slide the user comes from. If a user jumps through an hypertext link from slide no.10 to slide no.120, then he can read and go back to slide 10 and then again proceed to no.11.

My trouble is simple: this link works once.
If I go from slide 10 to slide 120 and I press the "back" button I go back to slide 10.
But once in slide 10, if I press again the "back" button I get back to slide 120 as it is actually the "previous" slide I'm coming from.
Instead, I would like that the previuos button worked exactly like the "back" button on browsers so to bring me back from 120 to 10 and, if pressed again, from slide 10 to 9.

Is there any option to set or command ot whatever to get this behaviour?

Thank You everyone for attention and sorry for bad English.

Kind regards,
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