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I still have no resolutions here, except that I can switch users and the Open/Save dialog box in PowerPoint works fine. I've set the Add-Inns exactly the same between the two users but had no luck.

Under System Configuration, I turned off all Startup items and all but 6 services and I still get the same problem. Five of those services always come back after deleting and the 6th is the Windows Installer which needs to be enabled so Office can verify the license.

In the Task Manager, I found several process that were only running when I was logged in as the user, so I removed them but still no luck.

In User Accounts, the Environmental Variable are all the same between users, except 5 Pro/E variables which are needed. I also added the Environment Variable __COMPAT_LAYER = EnableThemes, but it didn't help. PowerPoint works fine with the 2nd user without this variable set.
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