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Default Add a slide title next to the slide numbers?

Hi folks.

This is my first foray into this forum. No doubt it will not be my last!

I have a powerpoint question which i am not able to find an answer to. I have searched but could not find. So please excuse me if my question has been asked before.

I am using Powerpoint from Office 2007 suite.

I have created a presentation, which numbers over 100 slides. When i view these slides in Slide Sorter view, i can see that each slide is numbered from 1 onwards. The number is placed outside of the slide in the bottom right corner . As i am not able to see the actual content of each slide in slide sorter view due to the small slide size, is there a way to add an appropriate title next to the slide number please? This is so in slide sorter view i am able to know what the contents of each slide contains by reading the title.

I really hope i have explained this properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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