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Hi. Thanks for the reply. As I have only just joined, and entered Auckland as my Time Zone, that means I'm in New Zealand, which uses the 'European' date format of DD/MM/YYYY. The 4 digits for the year seems to satisfy all potential import receiving programs, hence you will see that used in the body of my query.

But you are right. I didn't 'spell it out'. As for 'no clue'.......? I would have thought there were 'clues' aplenty ! But I should have said.

So thanks for your suggestion, and I will try that. But the problem, as I have stated, is only when there is a single digit in the DAY part of the date field. The first 2 characters before the first separator. The problem only occurring when the first character is a zero, which Excel drops in a .csv file.

But I'll give it a go.
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