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Thanks Ulodesk. I understand a fair portion of your post, but I think I’m still doing something wrong.

After reading your post, I checked my document for the settings you describe. I didn’t change them; this is how they already were:

Under Format: Paragraph and then the Indents and Spacing Tab, it has:

Alignment: Left
Outline Level: Body text
Left: 0 px
Right: 112 px
Special: First line
By: 29 px

(I recently changed the measurement unit to pixels on Word because of other issues I was having with images, but I can change that back to something else if necessary.)

For the images, Under Format Picture and then the Layout tab, it has:

Wrapping style: “Square” is highlighted with a blue box along its perimeter.
Horizontal alignment: “Left” is selected with a blue dot in it.

I then clicked on Advanced while still in Layout. It has:

Horizontal alignment: Left, Column
Vertical alignment: Top, Line

But the result of those settings is, as I described, that the images are indented the same as the first line of each paragraph.
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