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Default Hyperlink in cell to trigger pop up text box

Hey all. I'm new to VBA programming but attempting to take over managing a VBA macro that was written by someone else.

In a nutshell, the macro creates pivot tables from the data in the various worksheets of the workbook. Some of the column labels are calculated fields and abbreviated. The user community is asking for a way to incorporate into the worksheet a way for them to see the definition of the column acronym and calculation. A suggestion was made just to add comments to the column heading cells so that if you need to reference the info, all you would need to do is hover your mouse over the comment.

Sounds easy. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that pivot tables support comments. Through the UI, I don't have an option to add a comment field if I right click on the column headings (as I do if I right click on a cell outside the pivot table). I forced a comment into the cell via VBA, but it doesn't pop up on mouseover like it should. I can also create it so it is visible by default and that works, they need to be hidden by default so as not to clutter the table.

If there is a way to make the comment feature work, I'm open for suggestions. Another option I'm considering is to just create something outside of the pivot table that the user can click on to trigger a text box to appear showing the definitions. I would prefer this be a subtle hyperlink above the pivot table that can be clicked as opposed to a bulky button.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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