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Default Correcting faulty header formatting

My apologies for not using the correct vernacular here, but my Office is not in English and as such I am not certain of what every term is called in English Office.

This is Office 2010, btw.

So, I have inherited a document with five degrees of header formating. And for some reason, Header 3 isn't working as intended. It seems all the header numbering (i.e. 1.3.1 Currencies) is numbered "by hand", rather than automatically. That is, if I put the prompt in the word "Currencies" and press home, it moves to the left of "1.3.1". (I had no idea the table of contents would still update correctly, but it does). So I want to change this, naturally. But when I right click the Header 3 and try to figure out what's wrong, I'm out of luck.

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination an expert on Word, but I've found parts of the Header 3 formatting that seems to suggest this should already be working correctly. That is, when I edit it and select "Paragraph" (I think? Second from the top) from the drop-down list in the bottom left, "level of disposition" is set to "3", which seems correct.

So that was not the problem. Where do I go from here? Going crazy here!
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