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Originally Posted by JimP View Post
As I understand, Word Starter is a reduced version of Word 2010. It does not have all of the features of Word 2010 so, I would assume that you would have to upgrade your new computer to get those familiar features that you have been used to.
Thank you for your prompt reply sir. I am living on a fixed income so the 88 dollars for a home/student version of Office is a significant outlay for me.

As such, can you confirm that Microsoft has downgraded their demo version and that if I purchase a fully activated version, I will get the capabilities I need?

I frankly do not remember the ability to add curves to line segments from my previous system using the outriggers and I would like very much to understand what the straight/smooth/corner adjustments mean in terms of vertex behaviors so that I can be assured that I -will- get full control over the drawing modes, if I make the purchase.

Again, Thank You, for your time as wisdom.

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