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Default Editing Freeform Points/Layers In Draw Mode


I used to do quite a bit of drawing using Office 2010. Yeah, it's not Powerpoint or Photoshop but it was comfortable. Now I have a new computer which came with 'Word Starter' which I assume is a new version because the system doesn't work like it once did.

1. Editing Freeform Points.
I used to be able to draw simple shapes and add or edit points to refine outlines. Now, when I do so, I notice that my nice, hard, corners turn to curves and that the points themselves have two addition outriggers which I can turn to alter the extent of the curveature. Attempts to change back to ordinary meeting vertexes using 'straight/smooth/corner' point rules does nothing. I just want to be able to block out line segments as angular, not curved joins.

2. Problems getting shapes to layer.
Ordinarily, if you are drawing the tail on a jet, you first block in shapes for the background fuselage and then the flight control itself. But if you are using the flight control as a perspective orientation, you draw it first and then orient the fuselage relative to it by drawing them and pulling the tail through their overlay. Unfortunately, I have noticed that certain shapes will not rise up, whether told to do so from the ribbon or the right click menus. I am using a canvas and the shape in question is solid colored.

Are there any easy answers? Thank You- LEG
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