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Default Can Excel Deduct 30 Minutes from an 8 1/2 Hour Cell?

Hello, I am using Excel 2010.

I don't use spreadsheets much, and when I do design them, they are fairly basic, rarely complicated. There is something I want to do with one, though, and am requesting assistance, please.

I'm creating a payroll history spreadsheet for myself, to keep track of my hours, overtime, gross wages, etc. Nothing fancy.

I'd like to know if I can enter my hours into a cell, and have Excel automatically deduct my lunch time if I'm over 8 hours.

For example, if I type 6-2:30 in a cell, can Excel automatically see it is more than eight hours ? And then automatically add 8 hours to the Total Hours cell, instead of 8 1/2?

Here are two screen shots of what I want to do.

Is this possible? Can I get Excel to automatically determine 6-2:30 is a set of hours, determine it's 8 1/2, and if over 8, deduct .5 hours? What's an easy way to do this, if possible?

If you need more information from me, please request it. I'll do my best to provide further details. Please consider me an Excel novice. Thank you! Jack D.
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