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Default One Different Element in Document Header

I am currently working on merging several Word documents into one file. The files are procedures used in our company and I'm trying to make them into just one single file called Operating Procedures, instead of having over 20, however I'm running into an issue. Anytime something is updated/changed in any of these procedures I will have to go in and update the revision date and revision number in the header. All of the information containing in the document header is identical, except for one thing.

The header includes our company logo, title of the manual, revision number, revision date, "controlled document", and the procedure number. Each procedure has a unique number. This is what is giving me the problem. I have a section break between each procedure. Is there a way to keep all of the other information the same and only change the procedure number without having to break the link between each section's header? If I break the link, wouldn't the revision number and revision date would no longer update in all sections when changed in the future? If that's the case, merging into one file wouldn't really help in the first place, since I'd still have to go into each section to update that.

I'd really appreciate any assitance you guys can offer with this. I've been messing with this document for quite a while now and haven't been able to come up with a solution.

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