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Default When you get really good with VBA what kind of opportunities are available?

Hello forum, I have been automating MS Office, using VBA, for a little over a decade now, exclusively for the company I work for. I am very strong in Excel VBA and PowerPoint VBA, and have moderate capability with VBA for Outlook and Word. Occasionally I contemplate breaking out and starting my own business (or consulting or ?) offering VBA services. I estimate there is lots of competition out there already but I am curious to hear other peoples point of view on this subject.

What I have observed in my travels is, there is a tremendous amount of Excel activity going on (and PowerPoint) and most Excel users either have no idea VBA exists or if they know about VBA, they lack the skills to leverage it. So there is alot of lost opportunity to optimize and reduce human error. Thank you for taking the time to read this, look forward to your reply.
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