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Default Image attachments opening with strange behaviour

Hoping I can find some advice here...

This is an attempt to troubleshoot a problem my father is having on his Windows 7 (32 bit) install of Outlook 2007.

When he views an incoming email that has images attached, and he double-clicks the picture attachment, it opens fine, I believe in the default Windows Photo Viewer.

If he then closes that, and then reopens the image file from the email, on every subsequent opening, what happens is Zoombrowser (a Canon image management program) opens, and it doesn't display the email iamge, instead it shows all of the images in his temporary internet folder: C:\users\*name*\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\ORZ53IHZ ... all images that he has received from previous email attachments.

Similarly, if he SENDS an email with an image attachment, and after sending he goes into his Sent Email folder and opens that sent email, and double clicks his own image attachment, it again opens Zoombrowser to his temporary internet folder.

In both cases (sent or received), if he single clicks an attachment to preview it, it previews fine.

This behaviour is new... before today, the images opened fine from inside Outlook into the default Windows Photo Viewer (I think). He doesn't recall changing anything, but with him, I never can be sure. lol

So... I'm stumped... I'm not sure if it's a problem with an Outlook setting, a Windows setting, or a Zoombrowser setting (but I don't think it's Zoombrowser, as the first open of the image works fine)

Any advice is appreciated.
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