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Default VBA In Word Checkbox problem

Hi, I am fairly new to VBA in Word (Office 2004 v 11.2) but I have been building a simple data entry form to cover logging of some basic IT help desk support functions. This is just as a learning exercise. The checklist part of the form is just a list of standard procedures that a support person can "tick off" as having been done.

I have got the form to the point where I can enter data into the form text fields and all will be transferred into the form, saved and then printed. I can then exit the form interface and return to the IT Support log that has been produced.

My problem is that I have about 18 check boxes set up for a simple Yes/No response. When I click on one of these it is highlighted appropriately but when I run the Update Fields command nothing changes in the actual template document that I am tryin to populate with data.

The template document I have set up has checkbox form fields inserted but after I run the update fields command there is no cross or other check to indicate that one of the items has been selected from the data entry screen. When I click on the checkbox in the form editor I get the following code template but I dont know how to populate it to make it do what I need it to do. A search over 2 days of the Internet has turned up lots of other fascinating stuff on VBA but not the answer to what ought to be a simple problem......... for someone who knows more than me :-)

Private Sub CheckBox1_Click()
End Sub

I am sure there are lots of other ways of doing this but I would like some help with the current problem if possible.

Any help advice info would be much appreciated.


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