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Default Number of lines on page problem

I'm using Word 2002 (XP?). I've just finished a novel manuscript and have discovered a problem. Since the manuscript must be double-spaced, with 25 lines per page, more or fewer lines per page causes a problem.

Normally my copy of Word produces 24 lines per page when set on double space. I set the spacing to variable 1.9 and it comes out 25. Usually. But this time, a few pages have 24, and a fewer number have 23. On the pages that have 23 lines, the two missing lines are there, and I can copy-paste two lines from the next page into them (big pain). But the pages that have 24 lines are simply stuck on 24.

Needless to say, I can't send out a manuscript file like that. Once the manuscript has been typed in Word, the problem persists if I open it in another word processor (adjusted for lines per page). I can copy/paste into Open Office and adjust to have all pages come out right, but I can't save correctly, and I can't send out an Open Office document.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem?
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