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Hi Julie

Thanks for getting back to me. I think the confusion from the Task sheet point of view for me was in every other project file I have created/used I apply the task sheet and the table is set to work. I don't have to select this table it seems to default to the work table view as soon as I enter the task sheet. This new file didn't do this. Can you explain why in all other files it defaults to the work table when I enter the task sheet?

When I entered the progress, I entered actual work. I didn't use % complete. Once I had entered all my actual hours, I then went through and double checked my entries ( I always do a sanity check against the time sheets). I then used the Update Project command, selected reschedule uncompleted work to start after the status date and selected for the entire project. So all the uncompleted work was scheduled from the status date. The jobs that had gone to 100% were not in the future because I had updated the project.

Whilst reviewing the update I noticed the jobs at 100%, that I had entered no actual hours against.

You mention above that if updating % complete against a task with multiple resources assigned, project will automatically update all assignments. I wasn't aware of this. However my schedule only has two tasks with multiple resource and these were not updated, so in this case this cannot be the reason for this behaviour.

Yesterday morning I actually deleted all the progress I had entered and started again. It seemed ok but then I noticed again several tasks had been put to 100% without any input from me. Since then I have created a new file and rebuilt the schedule, have entered the progress and updated the project and all seem's fine. I would however like any thoughts on the above?

Thanks for your help

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