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Default Outlook Web Access: How to load the "Microsoft Dynamic Html Editing Control" Add-On?


I was trying to configure (if you may call this configuring ;-) Outlook Web Access on IEX 8 on a Win Vista PC. Everything worked fine except if you want to give in text in a text field (p.e. when you write a new e-mail). On the web I found that most probably the "Microsoft Dynamic Html Editing Control" add-on seems not to be installed. I checked and it isn't there! IEX 8 didn't ask me to install this Active-X element so I tried to download and install this 'by hand'. But I couldn't find anything alike.

Why does Microsoft let me upgrade my Browser and afterwards I can't use my office stuff any longer ? Can somebody please explain me what to do?

Here a link to an easier understandable problem description. It's excactly what happens on the PC described above except that there is NO 'gold bar'

Many thanks
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