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Default Strange behaviour when entering Actuals

Hi all

I think my project file has somehow become corrupted, but hoping someone can give me some indication of what is happening in the vain hope that it's not!

I have created a new project plan in 2010 this week. I've done lots of linking by filtering on deadline dates and then by resource. Have sanity checked it all in the normal gant view and all is fine.

I baselined at 5pm today confident that it was ready to go. I then started to enter actual hours. I went to the task sheet from the main entry table by clicking on the gantt buttom (top right) and selecting task sheet. Once into the task sheet I noticed straight away that it didn't look right as the actual, remaining and other fields were not visible. In a rush to get things done I simply inserted the columns mentioned above and entered the actuals accordingly. All the sums added up, the remaining tallied with the actuals versus the planned etc so I assumed all was ok.

I then started to look at creating my work to lists (which I do in the resource usage view with the date range filter applied, and it's always worked fine in all my other schedules), and things were not right.

Tasks I had entered actuals against were correct. However tasks that I had not even touched and therefore not reported ANY progress against were now at 100%. This had rippled throughout the entire schedule, but on seemingly random tasks.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time, I need to get this sorted before Monday morning!
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