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Default Using Field Codes to Calculate 5 years from a Date

I am trying to make a template for an important document here at work.
There are 2 fields we enter - Effective Date and End Date. The End Date HAS to be 5 years from the Effective Date. Sometimes this gets overlooked so I was hoping there was a way to use maybe field codes to calculate the End Date from the Effective Date we enter.
I tried to use bookmarks (see example below) but came across some issues

Effective Date - August 20, 2010
where August 20, is a bookmark A and 2010 is bookmark B
Then for the End Date - {Ref bookmark A} {=bookmark B + 5}

This gets me the end product I need but the issues I have are:
*I have to make sure that if I change the year in the Effective Date that the full year is in the bookmark - if you don't change it properly then only 1/2 of the year gets bookmarked
*You have to select all and update field codes ie F9. This one is doable but the other issue is too much.

I am using Microsoft 2003. Please help!!!
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