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Originally Posted by Stefan Blom View Post
Could you perhaps paste the data to another document (temporarily) and then add a table to the original document?
My 'pseudo-columns' are Tab-separated text.
I pasted it into Word. Converted to Table.
Using "Alt' key, cut and pasted the left column to the right of the Right column.
SO far so good, but at FINAL step it failed: copy/paste to a .txt file
put right column BELOW the left one. Not what I needed.

2nd maneuver: Move 2 columns to excel; copy/paste to .txt file.
Worked, but .... so labor intensive !

PS. In Original text, one column can not be copied - even with 'Alt' key.

PPS. Seems like I have to learn how to write a MACRO.
Is it possible ?

Thank you all for the help.
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