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Default How to create a Main category mirrored in Sub category data entry type of solution?

Hello Everybody,

How can I mirror the entered data from one worksheet to another in a continuous "data entry" mode where two tasks have to be done:

1. Mirror the record to the sheet that matches its name to a category on the main sheet.

2. Enter the data in the sheet of the subcategory in the first available empty row.

I uploaded a sample file for illustration, my problem is that I lack the part of Excel vocabulary that could make my job a lot easier to explain what I am trying to accomplish here.

So, this is how it would work:

(1st record):
You enter a "Fee" type of record for Joe in the amount of 250. As you enter the same record gets mirrored on a worksheet called "Fee" making sure that the mirror entry on the "Fee" sheet happens in the first empty, or available row.

It would be nice if the mirrored data would stay "connected" to the same record on the Main sheet in case the record on the Main sheet gets changed or corrected, the mirrored data gets the update simultaneously.

And finally, please, help me to verbalize this problem for me in "Excel language", what is it that I am actually looking for?
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