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Question How do you jump to another slide and come back in animation?

Here is what I'd like to achieve:

I have a slide with four bullet points, which will appear on the screen one by one through animation. After the second bullet point, I'd like to bring up another slide (with lots of pictures) to illustrate my second bullet point better. After that picture slide, I'd like to come back to the bullet-point slide and resume. Is there an easy way to do this?

What I do is the following: I create a bullet point slide with the first two bullets and another bullet-point slides with all four bullets, and sandwich the picture slide in the middle. In the second bullet-point slide with all 4 bullet points, I start the animation not from the beginning but from the third bullet point. The audience will feel like I'm coming back to the bullet point slide to resume, but in actuality, I'm moving on to a different slide with more bullet points.

The problem with my method is that (1) it's cumbersome because you have to duplicate the bullet point slide, and (2) when the powerpoint file is distributed, the readers will see two slides of the same bullet points (although the first will have only two bullet points and the second all four), which can be confusing. So, I'd like to find a better way to do this, where hopefully I don't have to duplicate the bullet-point slide to accommodate a little detour to the picture slide.
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