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Default Macro that can find phrase and then find another and copy

Good afternoon,

The macro I'm trying to setup should first find a certain phrase (there will be many different ones and would like to put them all in at once), let’s say “hello there buddy”. From there it will search for another set of characters above it. Let’s say “NAM/” and it will copy that entire line (if there is a way to tell it only to copy between the first set on “//” or the second, etc is even better) . The only thing is that it’s never the same amount of characters above or lines above. From there it will copy the text into an excel spreadsheet. Also, is it possible for the macro to find "NAM/" and lets say "test" and copy both lines and put them next to each other in two separate cells? Or should a second macro be rum and just change the parameters? Below is an example of how the word doc is setup. Setup is similar to another question I posted a few days ago, but the output s different.

Thanks in advance.

test1 NAM/smith, peter/ jackson, Samantha/
unneeded info
hello there buddy

test2 NAM/jones,Jeffrey/ sandler,adam/
can you
believe it
I can’t
hello there buddy
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