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Originally Posted by Kevin
Something has to be different on this computer. The error means "your code is referring to an element in the code that does not exist." Such as:

- A non-existent sheetname
- A sheet number higher than you have, such as might be encountered by looking through each sheet and deleting some sheets along the way. Near the end since there are fewer sheets you get the error message.
- Outside the range of an array

Maybe, paste your code here is easier.
Yeah, those are all the things I would expect to cause a problem like this. But , in this particular case, I can't find any that would apply. The user on the otther end is not making any changes to the workbook, so I know that the sheet I'm referencing still exists. And anyway, I tried referencing it by index (index 1, to be precise), and every workbook has at least one sheet, right? I am not deleting or making any changes to the sheets; I have code elsewhere that modifies the value of the cell in question, but that code has not yet been called when the error occurs -- and even if it has, just because the value of the cell has changed doesn't mean that the cell doesn't exist!

This is frustrating as hell. Fortunately, the person who's having the problem is here in town, so I'm headed down to his house to try and debug it on his machine. Hopefully there I'll be able to track the issue down. I'll keep you posted.
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