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It all comes down to 2 things!

1) How you have created the resume in Word...

Did you:

  • use tabs to space all the information?
  • use tables?
  • use (ARRRRRG!) the space bar to allign?
  • use the alignment options for different lines?
All of these can be a problem when using the paste sites

2) How the web site works

Does it:

  • use html code?
  • use rich text formatting?
  • only allow basic formatting?

I have had the same issue, and so I now have three resumes:

  1. Using tabs to align (rich text formatting)
  2. Using html code
  3. Made in Notepad (for when the other two don't work)
Seems a bit of a pain, but once created it means that I can add them to a site and have them look like they should.
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