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Question Word 2003 "The information you were working on might be lost" constant error message

Hi all, need help troubleshooting the following issue:

When starting Word 2003 (WinXP), the user gets the error

"The information you were working might be lost. Microsoft Office Word can try to recover it for you.

[Checkbox] Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Word."

This error message comes up every time Word is openend. The only way we can start Word is in safe mode.

The MS support forums suggest deleting/renaming the file, but I could not find it in the directory (C:\Documents and settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\templates). I did a search for the file (*.dot) and could not find a file. Even when copying and pasting a new file from the server into that directory, it did not correct the problem.

Second, tried to modify the registry per the instructions, but could not locate the "Data" folder. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\W ord\Data). The folder itself did not exist, so I could not edit that registry entry.

Third, tried to clear the Startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup) but the folder was already empty.

Fourth, in the options menu, I found and navigated to where recovery files are saved to (don't remember the file path) and found a temp file that I believe Word was trying to recover. I deleted that temp file leaving the folder empty, but upon starting Word I still received the same file recovery error message.

Some additional information, I believe the error is with the user's profile and not with Word because when other users log onto the machine, Word starts up just fine. The problem didn't always exist, but the user doesn't know what changed or could have caused it.

Other additional information, users have roaming profiles set up where their desktop, documents, and settings are pulled from the shared drive wherever they log in at.

Thanks, I really appreciate any help or suggestions. This problem is really kicking our butts over here.
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