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I did a little serarching and found 3-4 other "solutions" to this problem on different forums. There are even 3-4 threads right here. Some involve installing special software. Some involve registry changes. Some involved reinstalling Outlook, that old standby of clueless tech support who have no idea what the problem is or solution.

This is one of the more elaborate. No two are the same. In each case, a few people claim success, but many more say it makes no difference.

On one site, someone said that it was a problem at the mail server and had nothing to do with the user. It was usually intermittent and would go away on its own. This seems like the most likely explanation.

All of the "fixes" took some time to complete. Since the problem goes away on its own, they are "work". But so would chanting, praying, slaughtering chickens, or doing any of the primitive rituals to ward off evil spirits.

The message is a typical MSFT error message: technically correct, but 100% useless.

It reminds me of the old joke about the helicopter tour of Redmond. The helicopter goes up and the Seattle fog rolls in. The navigation system goes on the fritz and the pilot cannot find where to land.

Running out of gas, he spots a tall building poking through the fog. He flies over and sees a bunch of office workers. He scribbles something on a sheet of paper and puts it up to the window. Someone in the office writes something on another sheet of paper. The pilot waves and flies off and lands safely.

The relieved passengers came up to the pilot and asked what happened and what he wrote on the paper. The pilot said he wrote, "Where am I?" and the person in the office wrote back, "You are in a helicopter.". The pilot then knew that the building was on the Microsoft campus and, with his compass, was able to find the landing field.
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