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Originally Posted by Eduardo View Post

I need to gather information from standard commercial reports, which include standard information, like "number of employees", or "issued capital".

Not all the information is available in every commercial report, so I need a macro / function to search wether "number of employees" (for instance) is a string included in the current commercial report.

Depending of the result I would run other instructions.

Thanks in advance
Thanks Bird!!

Currently, my macro searchs the string and, if the string is found, execute the following instructions.

The problem appears in case the string is not found, because the macro ALSO EXECUTE THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS.

That`s because I need a way to make a difference between both cases (when the search is successfull and when it is not).

I though about preparing a function or a variable to store the value TRUE / FALSE, depending on the result of the search (successfull or not successfull). My idea is to use such variable / function within an IF instruction, executing a different group of instructions depending on the success of the search.

I don't know how to build such variable / function. That's my problem.

Thanks any way
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