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Default Text Form Field formatting problem

I am using MS Word 2002.

I have a multi-page document with a title page that is designed as a boilerplate for issuing tenders. The title page has some key information that is repeated elsewhere in the document - primarily the tender name, date of issue and reference number. Historically users have used find/replace to update the boilerplate with the references throughout the document.

I have added Text Form Fields to the title page for the 3 key elements and named them ActivityName, ActivityDate, ActivityNumber. The title page is formatted bold in fontsize 18.

I have then created linked fields throughout the document referring back to these form fields on the title page. I did a test run and the field content update correctly but retains the formatting from the title page. The linked field should be in normal text, size 11. I used MERGEFORMAT to correct the formatting issue in the linked field.

My problem occurs when I make changes to the title page fields. ActivtyDate and ActivtyNumber seem to be OK but not for ActivityName. Each time I change the data in ActivityName field, the linked fields update but the addtional text that I added retains the title formatting rather than the main body formatting. I think the reason is that ActivityDate and ActivityNumber are set lengths whereas Activity Name is variable. Each time I add more text, the new text is not reformatted.

So the first time it looked like this:

Tender Name : Widgets

but the next time like this:

Tender Name : Widgets & Gadgets

Very frustrating but I'm sure a simple fix for those in this group. All feedback welcome. I'll pay the favour back with Excel and Access which I'm much more comfortable with. Thanks in advance.
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