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Default print file is 14MB when document is only 850kb

Hi guys,

I have an issue printing a one page slide with pictures in Powerpoint 2007.

the file size is around 850kb but when I print 10 copies, it comes aout at around 14MB (i.e. 1 MB per copy) on my Fuji Zerox c525A laser printer.

The printer is set to print greyscale only not colour, and the pictures are inserted JPGs and not linked files. This has developed over the last few months and was fine before (I regularly print a picture round for my local pub quiz).

I have tried office repair and also reinstaleld the latest print driver to no effect.

The problem is that it takes ages printing even though the printer has 60MB memory. It used to just print them out one after the other.

I have tried copy and paste into a word document, and this seems to print out normally.

Any ideas?


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