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I know this is not very elegant, but it is what I would do, because when I want to do something with Office, I create a non-pro solution by letting one Office program do something it is made to do, then simply copy/paste it into another Office program not really designed do something

Okay, here is what I would do:

If I understand your question with 100 pages already done, I would copy the doc into Excel, starting with the B Column

Next in the A column, I would establish my numbering sequence which I think you want as one row numbered (the question), followed by the unnumbered Answer row, then a numbered row

Once Excel established your numbering sequence, Excel will copy this down through your document

When this worked, I would copy and paste it into Word

Once working as I want, then deleting and automatic renumbering would work

The table borders can be made to only show in editing

I would begin with the first 10 Q&A's to get it working instead of trying to do the whole thing at once

Once I see a rhythm is established I try to create a Macro
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