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Thanks again, Paul. After a good bit of work today I think I can say that my problems have been solved sufficiently to let me have something that is useable!

As far as the hyperlink problem is concerned there was no sign of '.Fields.Unlink' in the code. But I have treated my email as an attachment (and have simply used a short one line email to refer to the 2 attachments). When the attachment is opened it has the hyperlinks OK.

As regards the currency problem, I have decided that I will leave well-enough alone - if Word isn't up to what I was hoping for then I will have to be content without special formatting of the cells!

I take your point about not everyone being able to open a .docx file so I have converted the attachments to .doc files in order to avoid any problems.

My test now works to my satisfaction. July will bring the live running so I can look forward to that with a lot more confidence thanks to your patience and guidance. Many thanks.
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